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Farris "Daley" Williams

Class of '24

North Hall High School

Clermont, GA

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Class of 2024 at North Hall High School

Has lettered every year in High School for Varsity Golf.

Actually had never played competitively when he made team as a freshman.

Named co-captain at beginning of sophomore season

Head coach — Jason Hughes ( 404-936-2383)

Assistant coach — Jason Chester ( 770-313-0560)

Home course — Chattahoochee Golf Club (Gainesville, GA)

Instructor — Zane Smith — The Hills Country Club, Austin, TX (863-224-7980)

Tournament play:

GSGA Jr Tour - Old Union Golf Course - Blairesville, GA - June 9, 2022

1st place with a 75 (+3) this was only the second Junior Tour Tournament Daley ever played 

Don Jackson North Jr. Classic - Hamilton Mill Golf Club - Dacula, GA - June 26-27th, 2023

T1 (Lost in Playoff) with a 76, 75 (+7) - 2 under on the last 9 Holes.

Named to the All-Region Scholar Athlete team as a Sophomore and Junior (Freshmen not eligible)

Taking college courses as junior (finished year with a 3.5 in these college level courses) and will continue as a senior. On track to graduate high school and be 3 hours short of college sophomore academically.

Background: Farris Daley Williams, who goes by his middle name Daley, is a dedicated golfer hailing from North Hall High School, where he has made a name for himself through his relentless work ethic and consistent improvement. His journey in golf began midway through 2020, yet he has already made remarkable progress. Farris has transitioned from a novice to a skilled golfer, regularly shooting in the 70s and showcasing his talent in competitive junior events. Standing at 6' and weighing 175 lbs, Farris possesses a physical stature that complements his golfing abilities.

Achievements: Despite his relatively short time in the sport, Farris has already proven himself as a formidable competitor. He has secured commendable placements in various competitive junior events, demonstrating his ability to handle pressure and deliver exceptional performances when it counts. Farris's commitment to continuous improvement and his natural talent have contributed to his steady progression in the game.

Consistency and Precision: One of Farris's standout qualities is his exceptional full swing, which is not only consistent but also highly repeatable. His ability to consistently find the green speaks to his skill in shot placement and accuracy. Farris's proficiency in this aspect of the game is a testament to his dedication to practice and his unwavering focus on refining his technique. His ability to consistently hit accurate shots provides him with a distinct advantage on the golf course.

Dedication and Work Ethic: Farris's dedication to his craft is unrivaled. He possesses an unyielding work ethic and is known for putting in more effort than anyone else. He approaches each practice session with a determination to improve and constantly pushes himself to reach new heights. Farris's relentless pursuit of excellence sets him apart from his peers and showcases his commitment to becoming the best golfer he can be.

Future Goals and Summary: Farris Daley Williams, a dedicated and talented golfer, aims to continue his upward trajectory in the sport. Despite only starting golf two years ago, Farris has made remarkable progress, regularly shooting in the 70s and performing well in competitive junior events. He has been recognized as an All-Region Scholar Athlete during his sophomore and junior years. Farris's exceptional full swing and accuracy in shot placement set him apart from his peers. He is known for his unwavering work ethic and relentless pursuit of improvement, always pushing himself to reach new heights. Farris's future goals include competing at higher levels of the sport and further refining his skills. With his natural talent and consistent performances, Farris is an outstanding prospect for college coaches seeking a dedicated and skilled golfer.


On-Course Video

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