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Jason "JT" Tillman Chester

Class of '24

North Hall High School

Gainesville, GA

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Background: JT is an aspiring golfer from North Hall High School, representing their Men's Golf Team. With a passion for the sport and a strong drive to succeed, he has showcased his skills in numerous junior events across the North Georgia Area. Golf runs in JT's blood, as his father was a former World Long Drive competitor and athlete, inspiring him to follow in his footsteps. JT's dedication to his craft is unmatched, as evidenced by his relentless work ethic and commitment to improvement.

Achievements: JT's performances in various junior events have been nothing short of impressive. He has consistently placed highly and demonstrated exceptional skill and potential on the golf course. His consistent showings in tournaments have caught the attention of fellow competitors, coaches, and spectators alike. With each competition, JT continues to refine his skills and develop as a golfer.

Future Goals: Looking ahead, JT plans to utilize the summer and fall of 2023 to participate in numerous tournaments and qualifiers. These events will not only provide him with valuable competitive experience but also serve as stepping stones towards achieving his long-term goals in golf. JT aspires to compete at the collegiate level, where he can further refine his skills and make a name for himself in the sport.

Work Ethic: JT's dedication to his craft is unparalleled. He embodies the true spirit of an athlete who goes above and beyond to improve. In pursuit of excellence, he has demonstrated incredible discipline by practicing extensively. In fact, there have been instances where JT has spent three additional hours on the course after a lesson, ensuring he fully comprehends the lessons and develops the right feel for his shots. This level of commitment and perseverance sets JT apart from his peers and underscores his potential for future success.

Summary: Jason "JT" Tillman Chester is a promising golfer from North Hall High School, renowned for his impressive performances in junior events across the North Georgia Area. With a strong golfing lineage and an unwavering dedication to the sport, JT possesses the drive and passion necessary to excel at the collegiate level. His relentless work ethic and commitment to improvement highlight his potential as a future golfing star. College coaches would do well to consider JT for their teams, as his talent and determination make him a valuable addition to any golf program.

Note::: Currently, JT is taking from a new instructor for him, Mike McCall. He is changing up some things in his swing. Please see JT's stat sheet for more context below.

On-Course Video

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