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Taking The Next Generation
to The Next Level

Hi! I'm Zane Smith, a Golf Coach and Instructor, and I'm here to help you become a college golfer.


I must have had the worst decision making whenever I was playing golf in middle school and high school trying to make it to the collegiate level. Golf just isn't like other sports when it comes to recruiting. It takes a lot of time and perseverance off the course ,as well as on the course, to be able to get there.


I'm here to give you the help that I never received when it comes to making it to college golf. I also don't charge exorbitant amounts of money to do it. Below you will see my price break-down and personal services provided, as well as a comparison to other, less-personal services. 


  • Supervised and Managed NCSA Profile Account for the Student Athlete

  • Building a Personal Webpage for the golfer complete with golf career resume, highlight videos (on course & on range), player interviews for personality insight.

  • Matching student-athlete with teams and colleges that make sense for them both academically and  for their golf skill level.

Typical Cost of College Recruitment Agent using a service like NCSA: $2000+ per year

My Price:

$100 per student athlete (One-time fee)


$50 per month until signing with college or university

  • Course Management Seminar

    • Approach and Tee Shots​

$30 per hour

You Won't Find This Service
for This Price 
Anywhere Else

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